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Reliable, Nationwide Footprint with the Ability to Receive Calls from a Single Interconnect

VoIP Origination is a SIP based service which provides regional voice or enhanced service providers with local DID numbers and inbound call sessions for their end users. This platform gives Windstream Wholesale customers access to a reliable, nationwide footprint without incurring the capital expense of deploying their own network.  Our VoIP Origination service hands ILEC/IXC-originated voice traffic to our wholesale customers for termination to their end users (the called party). Calls originated via PSTN, are transported to a Windstream SIP hub, converted to SIP and handed to the wholesale customer via a single interconnection.

Our VoIP Origination network is geo-redundant which provides our customers access to a world-class network and the highest quality U.S.-based, 24×7 operations center the industry has to offer.

VoIP Origination Features


Get the detailed overview of Windstream Wholesale’s VoIP Origination, including product availability, service profiles, power/flexibility, and much more.


VoIP Origination is available in over 5,700 rate centers across the United States.


Using the latest technology in today's industry, Windstream provides a robust feature list to their VoIP Origination services.


Geo-redundant softswitch clusters with automatic failover and multiple redundant call processing nodes help create Windstream's VoIP Origination platform


24x7 Dedicated NOC with a lifetime dedicated client test bed

Technical Service

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Fault-tolerant infrastructure intelligently connects our network for exceptional performance.

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