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Your Network Means Business – So Does Windstream Wholesale’s MPLS Solutions

Windstream Wholesale’s Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solutions allow wholesale customers to seamlessly, cost-effectively and securely connect multiple locations across the nation using our core MPLS advanced IP network.

Our MPLS solution, primed to handle the shifting demands on today’s networks, enables consolidation and delivery of multiple bandwidth-intensive services – including data, Internet, VoIP, business applications, video and more – across a single high-speed, reliable and flexible connection, optimizing network performance between multiple locations.

Windstream Wholesale offers provisioning of flexible access methods directly to end-user locations with bandwidths up to 10G. Our MPLS services can also dynamically allocate bandwidth among voice, networking, Internet and data applications to maximize network performance.

Customers can establish a Network Node Interface (NNI) to Windstream’s network for routing traffic between two or more networks. Multiple NNIs can be deployed throughout our network, providing additional redundancy options for end-user data traffic. Additionally, wholesale customers may order private MPLS networks without an NNI.

MPLS Features

MPLS Features

Our 147,000 mile fiber route footprint gives our customers MPLS features coast-to-coast.

MPLS Configurations

Flexible configurations allow customer sites to exchange data on the Windstream network


Fault-tolerant infrastructure intelligently connects our network for exceptional performance.

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